Non Profit Mailing Solutions

End of Year Giving Statements

End of year giving statements typically tie up the staff of nonprofit organizations for weeks. With LetterStream, you simply upload your documents to our website and we print, fold, insert and mail them in no time at all. E-mail confirmations, as well as online access to job status, will keep you informed.

Partner Letters

The best way to keep donors and supporters connected to your efforts is to keep them informed of your passions, commitments, achievements and dreams. With LetterStream you can allow members of your organization to send out one or hundreds of letters and take advantage of your nonprofit postage discount, while drastically reducing the time required to keep donors engaged.

Fund Raising Letters

Let's face it, sending out solicitations for funding is a hard task; it's mentally taxing and emotionally draining, but in the end, it simply needs to be done. We can't help in all areas, but we can take the guesswork and complexity out of the mailing process. With our simple packages, now you can focus on creating the right message and let us take care of the rest. We offer return envelopes and perforated paper to make it easy for your supporters to say "Yes!"

LetterStream Advantage

  • POSTAGE SAVINGS: Get non-profit postage discounts on more of your mailings
  • FAST MAILINGS: Get the job done faster than trying to recruit volunteers
  • PROFESSIONAL IMAGE: Create a professional image for fund raising efforts
  • SIMPLICITY: Create jobs online in just minutes

How to pay nonprofit postage

How do I qualify for nonprofit postage rate?

To qualify for nonprofit postage rates you need to fill out USPS PS Form 3624 and give it the local post office for approval. It will help if you are currently established as a nonprofit organization with the IRS, but the USPS can deny nonprofit postage rates to organizations even if they are nonprofit according to the IRS (501c).

What is the current nonprofit postage rate?

As with many of the mail classifications at the Post Office, pricing for nonprofit mail depends on a lot of factors including weight, size, which kind of post office you give your mail to, how clean your mailing list is and the level of saturation (pieces) within a specific postal zip code. For a typical letter, your price for postage will probably be around $0.27. Compared with First-class postage, currently at $0.68, it represents a nice savings.

Is nonprofit mail the same as first-class mail?

Nonprofit mail is not the same as First-Class mail. It is actually a form of Standard Mail (formerly known as bulk mail). Standard mail does not always travel at the same speed as First-Class mail. We recommend not using nonprofit mail if you are trying to get a time sensitive mailing out the door.

Can I send certified mail at the nonprofit rate?

Unfortunately Certified Mail only relates to First-Class mail. If you need proof of mailing or proof of delivery we recommend using Certified Mail in conjunction with First-Class mail.

How can I learn more about nonprofit rates?

The United States Postal Service website has a rich assortment of information for you to review. We recommend starting with USPS Publication 417 to learn all about nonprofit mailings.

Can LetterStream send my nonprofit mail?

Yes. LetterStream can print, insert and mail your nonprofit letters. For starters you will need to have approval by the USPS to send letters at the nonprofit rate (see PS Form 3624). Once you get this approved by the USPS, we can provide you one more form that allows us to mail your letters for you.

Are there documents that my nonprofit organization cannot mail at the nonprofit rate?

Yes. Certain types of documents cannot be sent via the nonprofit postage rate class. In general terms, any document that is unique to each recipient cannot be mailed at the nonprofit rate. This would include items such as annual giving statements, thank you letters that include the exact dollar amount (unless everyone in the mailing is gave the exact same dollar amount), or other documents where you would not be happy if the mailing addresses were randomly applied to the mailing. Click here for additional discussion on this topic.

How fast does LetterStream mail my nonprofit mail?

We will mail your nonprofit letters as quickly as you need us to. In many instances we can mail them the same day that you order them. Our prices scale depending on how quickly you need your mailing sent.

How do I get started with sending nonprofit mail through LetterStream?

Create an account on our website, then call us. We will provide a one page document for you to take to your local post office for approval. You can fax or email the form to us and we can get started that same day. The special form that you need only needs to be filled out one time. This means you can create future mailings on our website without contacting us.

How much does LetterStream charge for nonprofit mailings?

There are many details that go into calculating the price of a mailing, but for a one-page letter printed in black ink, the cost will be around $.59 each. This fee includes the supplies (envelope and paper), printing, folding, inserting, sealing, adding postage and putting the letters in the mail. If you are currently mailing your nonprofit letters at the First-class mail rates, our nonprofit costs are probably less than what it costs you today.