Annual Meeting Notices

Ballots/Proxies/Special Mailings

Annual Meetings, homeowner elections, special elections. Whatever your need, we probably have a way to assist you with your election mailings.

We can assemble annual meeting packets with board member biographies, prior annual meeting minutes, budgets for approval, ballots, special return envelopes and/or other documents.

Often we can get everything into a standard #10-sized business envelope, but if we need to use something larger we can insert into 6" x 9" envelopes or even in a 10" x 13" flat-sized envelopes.

Community ballots and proxy mailings not only require a level of accuracy, but often have legal ramifications associated with the timing of the mailing. Coordinate your next mailing with us for quality and timely mailing.

Ballot and Proxy Mailings

Just a few easy steps

Organizations often have different legal and contractual requirements for how secret a ballot should be treated.

We have identified three levels of secrecy that you can choose from when using our ballot process.


An Open Ballot allows ballot counters to see the name and address of the voter. With this process it is easy to see and account for each ballot and is probably the least costly. The downside is that homeowners or voters may not be too comfortable with their name tied to how they are voting, especially if other community members are counting the votes.


This method is a little more private and is accomplished by putting the homeowner of voters name and/or account number on the outside of the return ballot envelope. When the envelope with the ballot inside is received, the voter can be accounted for. The internal ballot contains nothing to identify the voter.


This method is the most secure, and if executed properly removes any association of the voter with the ballot, while still allowing an accounting of voters. This process is similar to the Private ballot but contains an additional Ballot envelope which contains nothing to identify the voter.

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